Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer update...

Okay, this first picture is for all the grandma's that will be reading this!!!!
Yes, Ryan is responsible for Aidan's new summer haircut--so what do you think?
Although it probably won't last very long it's kinda fun for right now. It definately will be gone by the time school pictures roll around in September!

I can't believe how the summer just keeps screeching forward. One day before August. The last month of vacation. Aidan's summer playground will be finished next week... and then I'm afraid the days may begin to start dragging.
It's finally getting HOT around here...The dog-days of summer as it may be. I'm definately not a big fan of the hot weather, but I guess that's what summer is all about. I gave in and turned on the air conditioning this morning, the humidity was killing me! The hot weather gives us an excuse to hang out inside for a while today...then maybe the movies tomorrow...or maybe the pool!

A couple weekends ago we were at my brother & sister in-laws for a picnic and fireworks and my brother was so kind to take me for a ride on his new motorcycle, (and I arrived back in one piece too!) Aidan also got to try out my nephew's mini-motorcycle with training wheels! Who knew you could do that?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Auntie Amy came bright and early this morning to wake up the kids and then head off to the parade. Luckily we live just 3 blocks away from the parade route, so we walk down and visit with the rest of the neighbors.
Off to a little party (hopefully some swimming, if it's warm enough) and then fireworks tonight!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Look Mom, No Teeth!

Yesterday on the way home from visiting family, we stopped to pick strawberries. It was the first time the kids had picked strawberries, and the first time that I had gone since I was a kid. We had an absolutely perfect day for picking. Mid 70's, sunny and enough wind to keep the bugs away.Aidan was a champ and quickly filled up 2 quart baskets. Between the 3 of us we picked over 8 pounds in just 30 minutes or so! Olivia and I snuck a couple berries while picking, but Aidan insisted that we needed to wash them first. (Maybe that's why he picked more than we did!)
Here's the fruits of our labor and some quick highlights from our little adventure...

In other exciting news...
In the last 24 hours my boy went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

Last night he lost his left one while brushing his teeth... and by 6am the other one had come out too.

That tooth fairy is sure gonna have a busy night, tonight!