Friday, October 17, 2008

My morning so far...

and of course a few pics. Pictures aren't from this morning...but their cute & I'd like to share!


--woke up with a sore neck this morning
He actually sat on my lap this morning and let me rub his neck for a little while. Not sure how much longer he'll want to sit on my lap. Need to soak in these moments while they last.
--is getting so big (so quickly!) Last night he asked how tall he'll be when he's 8. He's planning ahead for a trip to Disney. I'm sure he's concerned if he'll get to go on all the rides!
--pretty self-sufficient in getting himself ready for school


--wanted to dress herself this morning. She would have been fine, if we'd had an extra 5 minutes to spare. Threw a little fit when I tried to help her. Needed to rush out the door to get to school on time.
--had organic honey puffs for breakfast. She picked them out at the store by herself. I guess I can't complain about paying a dollar more for cereal (compared to Fruit Loops!!!) for something WAY healthier!
--actually wore pants today!!!
This may not seem that noteworthy, but even her preschool teacher mentioned "pants today" as we walked in the door. She is definitely a dress-wearing kind of girl.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Steal of the Day!

Look what I found (ahem, stole) today.

So I was dropping off massive amounts of rummage sale items at our church today, when I happened to peek inside one of the other bags at the drop off area. To my surprise, I found a bunch of "vintage" embroidered items. In total there were 2 small tablecloths (end table size), 2 pillowcases, and a couple of small table runners that have crocheting(?) around the outside.
However, the problem being that the church rummage sale isn't for another 2 weeks, and the likelihood of actually obtaining said items once they reach the sale is probably nil.........
I "traded" them for my mounds of unwanted items. Now, if you do go to my church, please know that I will make my donation to pay for these items. Really, I can't have "stealing from Church" on my list of bad things I've done in my life! So God, please be reassured that this was done only with the best intentions in mind.

But really---could you have passed up this little cutie?

What she says...

So last night, we went to Kohl's for our first post-new-job shopping adventure.

Ryan and Olivia were testing out the massage chairs that they had, and Olivia was saying "ooowwww. ooooww."
Followed by... "this is the woestest chay-ah evah." (worstest chair ever)
Ryan said he laughed out loud it was so funny.
I was with Aidan at the time, but I so wish I could have seen this first hand!
She's definitely not a fan!

p.s. the pic, of course, is not at Kohls.
(actually at home making banana muffins)
p.p.s. I think Olivia is developing a Boston accent.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Chipmunk Gazette

October 5th, 2008

Chester C. Chipmunk of ******, Wisconsin died at least a week ago from unknown causes at his home in this pile of unused clothing. The coroner's investigation was inconclusive.

Chester was an active member of the rodent community, digging holes in the lawn, eating seeds, and making droppings in this pile of clothes. He is survived by a wife, Charlotte C. Chipmunk, and dozens of offspring which continue the fine tradition of digging holes in the lawn, eating seeds, and making droppings.

The humans living at the Chipmunk residence discovered the body of Chester while investigating an unusual smell coming from this box. Erin has not yet decided whether or not to keep the box and its contents, but her husband asks that she make a decision today.

The above was written by my dear husband, who has a great sense of humor, even when dealing with dead animals in our garage. You will be happy to know that I have decided to throw away the entire box of smelly clothes.

Rest in peace Chester.

week in the life:day 7

week in the life:day 7
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Started our Sunday morning at 8:00 on the dot.
After Papa got out of bed and left the camper, we all crawled into bed with Nana. Got up and started packing and cleaning up the camper, as it was suppose to start raining in just a couple hours. Easier to pick up while everything is still dry.
Olivia and Braxton helped mix up the pancakes while Papa made the bacon. Had our breakfast and said good-bye to Ryan & Jo. Aidan really wanted to go to the park, so we made a quick trip before it started to rain. Luckily Olivia didn't get hurt this time. Came back to the campsite and helped finish up the dishes. Started raining around 11am. Took a little tour of Roger & Leslie's camper, and then decided to head out. Drove to Madison and got semi lost trying to find the Archiver's in Middleton. Even with GPS, I still have a hard time finding it because the strip mall isn't listed on the GPS. Aaarrgh!
The kids saw the Halloween next door and we headed over there first. Decided they deserve a little break from being in the car. Looked around at the costumes and Halloween decorations. Luckily, I managed to have the kids steer clear of the aisle full of severed heads! (no, really.)
Went over to Archiver's where our first stop was the bathrooms and bubblers. One of the bubblers wasn't working very well and shot up and hit Aidan in the head. I had to laugh a bit about that one. His hair was actually fairly wet afterwards.
Tried to do a bit of shopping but was interrupted by another 2 or 3 trips with Olivia to the bathroom. Seriously, just get the job done! I was trying to figure out what kind of album I wanted to use for my Week in the Life scrapbook, but didn't find exactly what I was looking for...then I lost my 30% coupon....which in the end saved me a bunch of money. Left the store only spending $2.10. That has to be a record.
I had promised the kids McDonald's if they were good at Archivers. So lucky for them, it was right around the corner and we stopped for lunch. Olivia had her usual 4-piece nugget, but with Apple Dippers this time. Aidan gets the "Big Kids Meal" with 6 piece nugget. They both were happy with their toys. Again, more trips to the bathroom with Olivia as my Big 'n Tasty got colder & colder (and less tasty!)
Headed home around 2:30. Listened to the last of our book on CD, and flipped over to the radio to find out that both the Packers and the Brewers had lost. Oh, well.
Got home to find Ryan in bed reading, although he had spent much of the afternoon cleaning out the garage and finding the dead animal that was making such a stink. We debated on going out with Ryan for dinner, but we had already been gone all weekend, and I wanted to just stay home and make sure the kids got to bed at a decent time.
Made a frozen pizza for dinner (how exciting)and watched both AFV and Extreme Makeover, Home Edition with the kids...two of their favorites. Aidan took a shower mid-show and I followed. Got our jammies on and finished watching. Ryan came home and then it was time for bed. Both kids were in bed shortly after 8pm. We headed upstairs soon after and finished the day off folding a basket of laundry. Lights out at 9pm, which is somewhat of a miracle around here. A busy day tomorrow.

Friday, October 3, 2008

week in the life: day 5

week in the life: day 5
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Today's TO DO list:

--Little bit of laundry
--unload/reload dishwasher
--go to bank & post office & probably the grocery store too
--pack for camping (DON'T FORGET THE SLEEPING BAGS!)
--dream up something for dinner
--don't forget to pick up the kids(just kidding!)
--take pictures for WITL
--drink more coffee
--go to work
--maybe try to squeeze in a bit of scrapbooking for Stephanie's journaling challenge

Notes: Enjoying working on my "Week in the Life" project, although I'm beginning to feel like it's getting monotonous. Seems like the same pictures every day, although I guess that's normal with any routine. Looking forward to this weekend to see family, and take different pictures. I think that will help bring a fresh breath of air to this project.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week in the Life: Day 4

Day 4
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Olivia woke me up this morning and climbed in bed for just a few minutes before wanting to head downstairs for breakfast. Woke Aidan up right away too. He needed to finish coloring his homework before school. (I kinda think the coloring part is pointless, especially when rushed.) Aidan was a bit difficult to get dressed this morning. Usually he picks stuff out himself, or I give him a couple options. Today he didn't like what I had picked out. The shirts were either too plain (meaning no graphics) or had itchy tags he didn't like.
Pulled the winter coats out this morning. Fall is definitely upon us and a regular sweatshirt wasn't going to cut it today! It was only 65 degrees in the house today, and I finally broke down and turned the heat back on again. (sigh)
Spent about an hour catching up on WITL from yesterday. Olivia watched Jonah, Veggie Tales movie. After that was finished we headed to the library for a long visit. As we turned into the driveway, Olivia exclaimed "Mom, that was close!" She thought the oncoming car was going to hit us. Looked at Martha Stewart Living while Olivia played with puzzles and brought me board books to read to her as well.
Came home and had an early lunch. I was very hungry and my tummy was already rumbling at 11:30. Toasted Ham & Cheese made in the oven. I've started broiling my sandwiches in the oven to get the texture of grilled cheese, without the extra 20 grams of fat from butter. Olivia wasn't really interested in eating much. Had a Gogurt and a few crackers with ham & cheese. My allergies had started bothering me at the library, so I took a Benadryl when we got home...followed by a cup of coffee!
Read "Fly High Fly Guy" and a "Maisy" book then it was time for a nap. Needless to say the coffee wasn't helping me at all, and we took almost a 2 hour nap together. Olivia was super grouchy, whiney and crying when we woke up. I don't think she feels the best. I was trying my very best to be patient with her, but it wasn't working very well. I put in the Strawberry Shortcake DVD from the library, and took a time-out from her.
Picked up Aidan from school. Came home for a bit. I took a shower and got ready to go to DS for Ryan's going-away party. Tomorrow is actual last day, but they were throwing a little party for him today. It was nice to be able to say our "good-byes". Ryan got a little choked up when he got a card from his team. You could see the tears in his eyes, although he was trying really hard not to let it show. Obviously this whole week it has been sinking in a little more each day. His team has been doing a lot of activities partly as a "send-off" for him. I know he will miss working there, but hopefully better things lie ahead.
Ryan had lodge tonight as well, so had to get going to that. I drove the kids home and we played with the neighbor kids for a while, until it got too dark to see outside! I wasn't too worried about having a "real" dinner tonight, since the kids (and I) had been snacking during the party.
The rest of the evening consisted of a shower for Aidan, a few more snacks (a couple bites of Daddy's cheesecake and some veggies & dip), and then books before bed. Aidan read Maisy & Fly Guy to us(again!). Time for pj's and brushing teeth and bed.
Put Olivia to bed, but still needed to get homework done with Aidan. He had to fill out a sheet with address/phone/state listed. He's working on his penmanship, and definitely needs a little help. He gets frustrated with it, if I tell him that he needs to erase and do it again. (practice, practice, practice)
Watched the VP debate on tv, talked with Mom again, sorted through Orlando vacation pictures for a while before Ryan came home. Watched the weather and had to head to bed.

Week in the Life: Day 3

day 3
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Stories from today:
Kids had a lazy breakfast on the couch with TV trays. This is a leftover habit from this summer. Aidan eats PB Cap'n Crunch and kinda freaks out when he sees I'm taking a picture while he's "naked". He hides underneath his blankie--kinda embarrassed. Olivia has oatmeal.
Off to school this morning...quick pic of Aidan standing in line. Olivia plays on the playground for a few quick minutes before we head home to get ready to take her to school.
Have a few sips of my morning coffee. Olivia is playing with the calculator that was left on the table after figuring out Aidan's fundraiser this morning. I'm seriously debating buying one of those giant sized calculators. Such a great way to practice her numbers! Off to school for Olivia. She wants to push her stroller, rather than ride. Fine with me, that way I get to drink my coffee on the way! Everyday starts the same at preschool. Olivia finds her name on her orange square magnet and runs over to a big metal cabinet and always tries to get hers to be the highest. Say a quick goodbye. Honestly, she barely notices that I leave. There's still a lot of kids in her class that cry when their parents leave. Glad I don't have to deal with that.
Come home and catch up on e-mail for a little bit, before having to go back to Aidan's school. I get to help with the Fire Safety House, and I get assigned to do Stop, Drop & Roll with the kids. We rotate through 4 groups. Goes smoothly for the most part, with only a few trouble-makers! This was a great opportunity to meet some of the "new" kids in Aidan's class. A lot of the kids I already knew, but there were some others that he talks about that I hadn't met yet. Finished up about 11:15
Grab a chocolate donut for my way home. Go to pick up Olivia right away.
Come home and have lunch. Leftover pasta for me. Olivia has PB&J again. Seriously, it never gets old to her! Sliced one of the last pears that we had from our trees. Thought it looked really pretty--so of course, I had to take a picture.
Olivia asked to watch a movie...ended up being My Little Pony.
Wednesdays are "early-release" days for Aidan. They get out at 2:20, which is nice to have the extra time with him before heading to work. But that also means that Olivia usually doesn't get a nap, which is okay, I guess.
Picked up Ruby & Aidan and decided to play on the big playground for a while before walking home. Olivia played with the neighbor girls for a while. I'm happy that they enjoy being the "big sister" to her and actually let her tag along a bit!
Got home, had a bit of snack, then I needed to get ready for work. Left about 3:50. Chris met us at her house, and then had to take the kids with her to go pick up Florida Gma from the doctor.
Went to work and won $50 in gift certificates for McCormick & Schmicks. That was pretty cool. Was in Section 1--6 tables. Got my butt kicked for a little while, and was able to get home by 9:30.
Chris brought the kids back to our house to get them into bed at a decent time. She hadn't planned on watching them this late, and still had a bunch of packing to finish before heading to Hawaii for two weeks. (Wish that I could go too!)
Ryan had a team-outing that was suppose to finish by 8pm, but that went late. He got home about 10pm. He went bowling and then out to dinner. Consumed mass quantities of seafood and a glass of Riesling!
Ryan and I talked about our evening for a bit while watching a PBS documentary on breast cancer--quite interesting. Started watching another documentary about organic farming in Canada. I finished off the bottle of Cabernet and then headed to bed.

Didn't take as many pictures as I had anticipated today. Meant to take my camera & let Chris take pictures at her house with the kids. Not going to worry about it so much. Just a busy day because of work. Life goes on.