Thursday, October 16, 2008

Steal of the Day!

Look what I found (ahem, stole) today.

So I was dropping off massive amounts of rummage sale items at our church today, when I happened to peek inside one of the other bags at the drop off area. To my surprise, I found a bunch of "vintage" embroidered items. In total there were 2 small tablecloths (end table size), 2 pillowcases, and a couple of small table runners that have crocheting(?) around the outside.
However, the problem being that the church rummage sale isn't for another 2 weeks, and the likelihood of actually obtaining said items once they reach the sale is probably nil.........
I "traded" them for my mounds of unwanted items. Now, if you do go to my church, please know that I will make my donation to pay for these items. Really, I can't have "stealing from Church" on my list of bad things I've done in my life! So God, please be reassured that this was done only with the best intentions in mind.

But really---could you have passed up this little cutie?


Melanie said...

They're beautiful... I have a hard time passing up embroidered linens, too!

Susan Beth said...

Those are all wonderful!

Susie Heuer said...

I'm sure God knows your need for beautiful "handiwork". Looks exactly like something your great-grandma used to do.
I'll pray He doesn't punish you my little girl!