Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week in the Life: Day 3

day 3
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Stories from today:
Kids had a lazy breakfast on the couch with TV trays. This is a leftover habit from this summer. Aidan eats PB Cap'n Crunch and kinda freaks out when he sees I'm taking a picture while he's "naked". He hides underneath his blankie--kinda embarrassed. Olivia has oatmeal.
Off to school this morning...quick pic of Aidan standing in line. Olivia plays on the playground for a few quick minutes before we head home to get ready to take her to school.
Have a few sips of my morning coffee. Olivia is playing with the calculator that was left on the table after figuring out Aidan's fundraiser this morning. I'm seriously debating buying one of those giant sized calculators. Such a great way to practice her numbers! Off to school for Olivia. She wants to push her stroller, rather than ride. Fine with me, that way I get to drink my coffee on the way! Everyday starts the same at preschool. Olivia finds her name on her orange square magnet and runs over to a big metal cabinet and always tries to get hers to be the highest. Say a quick goodbye. Honestly, she barely notices that I leave. There's still a lot of kids in her class that cry when their parents leave. Glad I don't have to deal with that.
Come home and catch up on e-mail for a little bit, before having to go back to Aidan's school. I get to help with the Fire Safety House, and I get assigned to do Stop, Drop & Roll with the kids. We rotate through 4 groups. Goes smoothly for the most part, with only a few trouble-makers! This was a great opportunity to meet some of the "new" kids in Aidan's class. A lot of the kids I already knew, but there were some others that he talks about that I hadn't met yet. Finished up about 11:15
Grab a chocolate donut for my way home. Go to pick up Olivia right away.
Come home and have lunch. Leftover pasta for me. Olivia has PB&J again. Seriously, it never gets old to her! Sliced one of the last pears that we had from our trees. Thought it looked really pretty--so of course, I had to take a picture.
Olivia asked to watch a movie...ended up being My Little Pony.
Wednesdays are "early-release" days for Aidan. They get out at 2:20, which is nice to have the extra time with him before heading to work. But that also means that Olivia usually doesn't get a nap, which is okay, I guess.
Picked up Ruby & Aidan and decided to play on the big playground for a while before walking home. Olivia played with the neighbor girls for a while. I'm happy that they enjoy being the "big sister" to her and actually let her tag along a bit!
Got home, had a bit of snack, then I needed to get ready for work. Left about 3:50. Chris met us at her house, and then had to take the kids with her to go pick up Florida Gma from the doctor.
Went to work and won $50 in gift certificates for McCormick & Schmicks. That was pretty cool. Was in Section 1--6 tables. Got my butt kicked for a little while, and was able to get home by 9:30.
Chris brought the kids back to our house to get them into bed at a decent time. She hadn't planned on watching them this late, and still had a bunch of packing to finish before heading to Hawaii for two weeks. (Wish that I could go too!)
Ryan had a team-outing that was suppose to finish by 8pm, but that went late. He got home about 10pm. He went bowling and then out to dinner. Consumed mass quantities of seafood and a glass of Riesling!
Ryan and I talked about our evening for a bit while watching a PBS documentary on breast cancer--quite interesting. Started watching another documentary about organic farming in Canada. I finished off the bottle of Cabernet and then headed to bed.

Didn't take as many pictures as I had anticipated today. Meant to take my camera & let Chris take pictures at her house with the kids. Not going to worry about it so much. Just a busy day because of work. Life goes on.


mommy2alex said...

That's awesome that you're doing the Week in the Life! Love Ali and would like to do it one day too.

NancyJones said...

You are rockin the week in the life challenge!