Monday, October 6, 2008

The Chipmunk Gazette

October 5th, 2008

Chester C. Chipmunk of ******, Wisconsin died at least a week ago from unknown causes at his home in this pile of unused clothing. The coroner's investigation was inconclusive.

Chester was an active member of the rodent community, digging holes in the lawn, eating seeds, and making droppings in this pile of clothes. He is survived by a wife, Charlotte C. Chipmunk, and dozens of offspring which continue the fine tradition of digging holes in the lawn, eating seeds, and making droppings.

The humans living at the Chipmunk residence discovered the body of Chester while investigating an unusual smell coming from this box. Erin has not yet decided whether or not to keep the box and its contents, but her husband asks that she make a decision today.

The above was written by my dear husband, who has a great sense of humor, even when dealing with dead animals in our garage. You will be happy to know that I have decided to throw away the entire box of smelly clothes.

Rest in peace Chester.


mommy2alex said...

That is hilarious, perfect for a Monday morning post, thanks I need a good laugh!

lauren said...

LOL - excellent sense of humor and writing!

Anonymous said...

Well at least Chester was able to provide a good laugh for us all, even from beyond the grave :)

Rita said...

Very funny!! Made me LOL!

Elisa said...

Very funny!

Send my condolences to Mrs Chipmunk.

Susan Beth said...

Excellent decision on your part. We had a millie the mouse who died in our car ventilation system back in February, and that smell is not something you want to have even the slightest reminder of, so to the garbage for everything associated with it. And it is nice that you could actually dispose of those things without having to take your car apart at great expense and effort.

Susie Heuer said...

Great obituary Ryan. I'm sure Charlotte will do fine without Chester.
I love the pictures of our weekend. We're lucky ... those pancakes tasted pretty darn good! Thought with all the love that went into them, they may have turned out like hockey pucks.
Oh how lucky I am to have such beautiful grandchildren!
Love you all, Nana Susie