Friday, October 3, 2008

Today's TO DO list:

--Little bit of laundry
--unload/reload dishwasher
--go to bank & post office & probably the grocery store too
--pack for camping (DON'T FORGET THE SLEEPING BAGS!)
--dream up something for dinner
--don't forget to pick up the kids(just kidding!)
--take pictures for WITL
--drink more coffee
--go to work
--maybe try to squeeze in a bit of scrapbooking for Stephanie's journaling challenge

Notes: Enjoying working on my "Week in the Life" project, although I'm beginning to feel like it's getting monotonous. Seems like the same pictures every day, although I guess that's normal with any routine. Looking forward to this weekend to see family, and take different pictures. I think that will help bring a fresh breath of air to this project.

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