Friday, October 17, 2008

My morning so far...

and of course a few pics. Pictures aren't from this morning...but their cute & I'd like to share!


--woke up with a sore neck this morning
He actually sat on my lap this morning and let me rub his neck for a little while. Not sure how much longer he'll want to sit on my lap. Need to soak in these moments while they last.
--is getting so big (so quickly!) Last night he asked how tall he'll be when he's 8. He's planning ahead for a trip to Disney. I'm sure he's concerned if he'll get to go on all the rides!
--pretty self-sufficient in getting himself ready for school


--wanted to dress herself this morning. She would have been fine, if we'd had an extra 5 minutes to spare. Threw a little fit when I tried to help her. Needed to rush out the door to get to school on time.
--had organic honey puffs for breakfast. She picked them out at the store by herself. I guess I can't complain about paying a dollar more for cereal (compared to Fruit Loops!!!) for something WAY healthier!
--actually wore pants today!!!
This may not seem that noteworthy, but even her preschool teacher mentioned "pants today" as we walked in the door. She is definitely a dress-wearing kind of girl.

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Anonymous said...

oh my you have cute kids! and i'm loving the jason mraz playing right now :)