Monday, October 6, 2008

week in the life:day 7

week in the life:day 7
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Started our Sunday morning at 8:00 on the dot.
After Papa got out of bed and left the camper, we all crawled into bed with Nana. Got up and started packing and cleaning up the camper, as it was suppose to start raining in just a couple hours. Easier to pick up while everything is still dry.
Olivia and Braxton helped mix up the pancakes while Papa made the bacon. Had our breakfast and said good-bye to Ryan & Jo. Aidan really wanted to go to the park, so we made a quick trip before it started to rain. Luckily Olivia didn't get hurt this time. Came back to the campsite and helped finish up the dishes. Started raining around 11am. Took a little tour of Roger & Leslie's camper, and then decided to head out. Drove to Madison and got semi lost trying to find the Archiver's in Middleton. Even with GPS, I still have a hard time finding it because the strip mall isn't listed on the GPS. Aaarrgh!
The kids saw the Halloween next door and we headed over there first. Decided they deserve a little break from being in the car. Looked around at the costumes and Halloween decorations. Luckily, I managed to have the kids steer clear of the aisle full of severed heads! (no, really.)
Went over to Archiver's where our first stop was the bathrooms and bubblers. One of the bubblers wasn't working very well and shot up and hit Aidan in the head. I had to laugh a bit about that one. His hair was actually fairly wet afterwards.
Tried to do a bit of shopping but was interrupted by another 2 or 3 trips with Olivia to the bathroom. Seriously, just get the job done! I was trying to figure out what kind of album I wanted to use for my Week in the Life scrapbook, but didn't find exactly what I was looking for...then I lost my 30% coupon....which in the end saved me a bunch of money. Left the store only spending $2.10. That has to be a record.
I had promised the kids McDonald's if they were good at Archivers. So lucky for them, it was right around the corner and we stopped for lunch. Olivia had her usual 4-piece nugget, but with Apple Dippers this time. Aidan gets the "Big Kids Meal" with 6 piece nugget. They both were happy with their toys. Again, more trips to the bathroom with Olivia as my Big 'n Tasty got colder & colder (and less tasty!)
Headed home around 2:30. Listened to the last of our book on CD, and flipped over to the radio to find out that both the Packers and the Brewers had lost. Oh, well.
Got home to find Ryan in bed reading, although he had spent much of the afternoon cleaning out the garage and finding the dead animal that was making such a stink. We debated on going out with Ryan for dinner, but we had already been gone all weekend, and I wanted to just stay home and make sure the kids got to bed at a decent time.
Made a frozen pizza for dinner (how exciting)and watched both AFV and Extreme Makeover, Home Edition with the kids...two of their favorites. Aidan took a shower mid-show and I followed. Got our jammies on and finished watching. Ryan came home and then it was time for bed. Both kids were in bed shortly after 8pm. We headed upstairs soon after and finished the day off folding a basket of laundry. Lights out at 9pm, which is somewhat of a miracle around here. A busy day tomorrow.

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