Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week in the Life: Day 1

So here's a little project that I will try my hardest to participate in all week long. Ali Edwards, the scrapbooking genius, was my inspiration for this. Please check out her blog, if you're interested.

So rather than keep notes on a million little pieces of paper, I decided that I should utilize the ol' blog to put down my thoughts for the day.

Week in the Life: Day 1
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Our Monday went a little like this:
Cereal for breakfast, Aidan off to school, come home, finish getting Olivia ready, drop her off too. Come home, check e-mail, blogs, etc. Remember that I need to start taking pictures for this project.
Dishes, laundry, pick Olivia up from preschool.
Go directly to McDonald's for some lunch. Olivia 4-piece nugget meal with "lullaby munchkin" as her toy. Me Double Cheeseburger, fries, and sharing some of Olivia's lemonade. Spent a long time at McD's. Practiced writing her name on some scraps of paper from my purse. Thanked a worker on the way out for her food. Went to Target, and spent a long time browsing the aisles. The main purpose of the trip was to get fabric softener... and $50 later we left. Didn't splurge on too many things though.
Met a rapper/r&b singer named "Young Voice" in the Target parking lot--kinda strange, but whatever....
Olivia almost fell asleep on the way home. Got inside and made some coffee. Olivia had me make her a cup too. After I finished pouring mine, I couldn't figure out where she went. I called to her, and there she was already perched in front of the computer ready to check e-mail. (She knows this is "my thing". Coffee & computer.) Hung around the house for a bit, then it was off to pick Aidan up from school. Had to make sure I was there on time, since it was the first time the first-graders were coming out of the building by themselves.(kinda a scary thought!)
Went to Sendiks after school. Had to figure out what to make for dinner--the end results was rotini pasta with Italian sausage crumbles, red bell & onions, a little mozzarella baked on top. Broccoli for the kids, and zucchini for me & Ryan.
Squeezed in a couple afternoon cartoons, a little math homework, and then ate dinner. After dinner we read 3 books together as a family. No TV. Was nice to have "quiet" for a change. Early bed time since Olivia didn't have a nap, and Aidan was being pretty teary tonight.
Finished doing some more laundry. Ryan worked on his lap-top. I looked through some old journaling form my semester in Germany in 1997. Interesting to see everything that I had done while there. Called to Mom and talked for about half an hour. Trying to finalize plans for camping this weekend. Looking forward to that upcoming adventure. Ryan came upstairs to spend a little time with me before heading back down to work again. He had me laughing so hard that I started coughing and had to use my inhaler! 10:30 in bed, ready to sleep.


Kelly said...

WOW you are so good.
I had plans to do the Ali E thing - and never got around to it...typical me!
Have a great week.

NancyJones said...

you rock! I dont know that I could complete one sentence of my day roflmbo