Monday, April 28, 2008

a little bit of our weekend...

Love Spring.
Love getting out of the house.
Love watching everything bud & bloom.
Love playing with the kids.
Love walking around the block.
Love being silly.

Even though the quality of this picture isn't the best, I just love how huge the trees look behind the kids. Just starting to bud. So full of color.

Finally doing a little more scrapbooking after a bit of dry spell. A bit of a creative break.
Combined a bunch of different products from my stash for this one. These 2 love each other so much! Hope that continues.


Caroline said...

aww. cute pics!

Susie Heuer said...

My grandchildren are growing soooo fast. I love Aidan's space suit and should really enter the one with Olivia and her Dalmation in a contest!
Then of course, the "two of a kind" are priceless!
Great Job Erin!