Saturday, October 31, 2009

New photo post from Hawaii

Picture of JoAnne and I from our luau at Paradise Cove on Wednesday night.

Thursday morning, JoAnne and I learned how to make our own flower leis at our hotel. The afternoon was spent taking a trip to the Dole Pineapple Plantation, enjoying lots of goodies there.

After that we continued our journey to the North Shore to take in some of the local beaches. We stopped at three different beaches. The first one we stopped at near Hale'iwa, we were able to spot many sea turtles swimming only 10 or so feet from us. The next beach was Waimea bay and there we enjoyed some HUGE waves. The waves were getting so big, that the lifeguard station made a warning that only experienced swimmers should be out in the water. We stayed pretty close to shore, and tried to outrun the waves. We managed to leave Waimea with only a small amount of "road rash". The last beach we went to was sheltered by a lava rock breakwater. We were able to find some cool marine life and pick up a few sea shells and some beach glass along the way.

Highlights for Friday were:

E-Noa tour with Betty, our guide. We first hiked to a waterfall and then were rewarded with some boogie-boarding at Waimanalo Bay. Beautiful blue waters. Had a Hawaiian plate lunch at a place called "Ken's"after we finished at the beach. We were tired & starving after our adventure.

Friday evening we enjoyed a dinner at Shore Bird--a grill your own restaurant, and then were able to walk along the beach to make it back to the Hilton Hawaiian Village just in time for fireworks.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Susie Heuer said...

looks like a GREAT TIME!!!