Monday, January 7, 2008

Melting snow and funny sayings...

Thanks for the push Uncle Bo-bo!!!
This picture was taken only 8 days ago, but already our snow has almost completely melted away. It's been raining this morning and almost 50 degrees for the past couple definately in the middle of the January thaw.

Saturday "funny-of-the-day" goes to Olivia:
O: I like my butt. Mom, you like my butt?
Me: Yes, I like your butt.
(I wonder how she'll feel about it in another 15-20 years??!!)

Sunday "funny-of-the-day" goes to Aidan:
As I'm getting ready to leave for work, Aidan first says to me:
Mom, have fun at work today!
Followed by: I hope you don't get fired.
Me: I hope so too.

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Holly said...

Hey Erin! Followed the link to your blog from over at PI. Lovin' all your posts! And, your son is too funny! I hope you don't get fired too. ;0)