Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seaworld & Busch Gardens in review

Tuesday, Jan 22--Sea World part 1

We hit up Sea World on Tuesday for the first time. We will be going back again this weekend with Ryan & JoAnne, but knew that we'd like a little extra time to explore.
After spending the morning looking at some of the animal exhibits we went to the "Believe" show starring Shamu. We got there early enough to sit in the "Splash Zone". Half-way through the show, Aidan was very disappointed when we hadn't gotten wet yet. This changed quickly afer Shamu arrived! We ended up VERY wet. Aidan got a bunch of salt water in his mouth, and kept on spitting to get the salty taste out!
Can't wait to see Shamu again!!

Aidan's favorite part was the kids amusement park with a huge climbing area. (Think McDonald's play land times 1000!)
My favorite part was the "Believe" show ( I even had tears in my eyes!)
followed closely by the complimentary Anheuser-Busch products (beer!!!!)

Wednesday, Jan 23--Busch Gardens

Took a coach bus shuttle to Tampa to spend the day at Busch Gardens.
Met JoAnne & the boys there, and were able to spend about half the day with them.
The park was remarkably not busy--so we were able to enjoy a very casual day in the sunshine! Almost 80 degrees during the warmest part of the day.

Highlights of the day included the african-themed "Katonga" musical that was put on in a theater with cool effects like bubbles, and butterfly confetti and even a real rain shower inside! I think the little kids liked it as much as us big kids!
Had fun watching the flamingos chase each other around. Went on a safari train ride, where our train almost ran into a Rhino...luckily we were able to stop before crashing into it. Before heading home Aidan & I went on a congo river ride, where we both got completely soaked. Since we were already wet, we decided to go through another time, since there wasn't a line. Lucky for Aidan, I had packed an extra set of clothes for him. Not so lucky for me, I had only packed an extra shirt for me, and spent the 1 hour 15 minute ride back to Orlando in wet shorts!

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L.G. said...

Sounds like a great time in Florida! Leah says she hopes Aidan got all that salt water out of his mouth!
Enjoy getting soaked while it's 80 degrees- at home you'd be frozen to your shorts...-24 last night!

Soak up lots of Florida sun and bring some of that weather home with you, ok?